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How much live music do you watch?

By Michael Green, Apr 2 2018 06:58PM

You're in the studio, you're writing songs or you're playing gigs. Do you give yourself time to watch other singers and performers play live? Do you think it's even important to do so? For me personally I try to watch as much live music as I can. I've seen gigs in different locations from a Tattoo shop to the o2 Arena. I do this firstly because I'm a music fan and secondly because I like to think of myself as a student for life.

Watching performers at different stages in their career I feel is important because you see how they create the staging for different size venues. You also see how they interact with the audience from playing a small intimate unplugged gig to being a headliner at Glastonbury. There's always something new to learn and sometimes you can learn what not to do. Watching your favourite artists at the top of their game can be such an inspiring experience that it makes you want to up your game.

So the question is do you feel you watch enough live music in different venues. Maybe that's something to think about if you're looking to learn more about performing live.

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