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Here I'll be doing interviews with creative people involved in music. I'll be asking about what tips and experiences they have to offer.

By Michael Green, May 28 2018 09:36PM

So how do you know when you've written a great song? What pointers are there for you to be able to measure if you've created something that people will like and will be singing back to you when you sing it live. Well first things first all music is subjective, even the most successful songs aren’t liked by everyone in the world.

By Michael Green, Mar 17 2016 10:09PM

Here is my interview with singer songwriter Alex Appleton. We talk about his experiences writing

songs and performing live.

Raised in Bedford, Alex Appleton first plied his trade as a singer, guitarist and songwriter in the North-East of England in various bands and sonic experiments, culminating in his work in rock power trio Avast! Narwhals, whose music has been described as "equivalent to watching Neptune expertly guiding his chariot through the challenging spirit of the mighty ocean". Having moved south for a more temperate climate, he writes music which finely balances absurdity and musicality, which could be loosely described as Alternative Rock with a Lo-Fi feel.

By Michael Green, Jan 27 2016 02:30PM

You either have it or you don't, yep I've heard that one before. You can't teach someone how to write songs you either have it or you don't. Now I understand you can't teach inspiration but you can use techniques to get the juices flowing. Once you've got the inspiration going then that's where the craftsmanship comes in.

By Michael Green, Dec 9 2015 04:20PM

Here I interview Amy Leeder about her experiences songwriting & performing live

Amy has been writing and singing since She was 8 years old. Her first performance was at Newport Pagnell Folk Festival when she was 12 at which she sang her own material. She's been regularly attending Singer/Songwriter nights in and around Bedford since she was 13.

By Michael Green, Dec 3 2015 05:38PM

Here I interview Elijah Miller, we talk about his experiences songwriting & performing live.

Elijah Miller, singer songwriter from Bedford, originally from the band Silver Screen but currently working on a solo project. He creates & performs fast paced energetic music with a rapping/beat poetry influence.

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