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90 Day Programme

Would you love to overcome the fear of performing in front of an audience?

So you can stop...


* Judging and being critical of your singing


* Worrying about what you look like on stage


* Feeling fearful of making mistakes and forgetting your lyrics


* Being so self conscious


* Holding yourself back from showing your real talent

What You Need


What you need is to feel comfortable in your own skin and be comfortable with yourself. You need to be able to shift your mindset so you can recognise that your talent will give people enjoyment. 


My Passion


My passion is witnessing your journey from feeling fearful, to being able to get up on stage and confidently perform. I have the knowledge and expertise to support you with making the transition from where you are now to where you want to be.


My Experience


I'm an experienced performer of over 20 years, however it wasn't always that way. After completing my studies in popular music I had a 5 year gap before I started performing more regularly & with more confidence. So I really understand the fears you are facing and know it is possible for you to overcome them.  


Working with me



If you would like to work with me, I recommend we work together over 12 hourly sessions over a 12 week period. It can be in person or over skype. Here's what you will gain from this 12 session programme:


* Building your confident mindset to get on stage


* Start to feel more comfortable in your own skin as a performer


* Hone your performance skills knowing how to move on stage an engage an audience


* Feeling comfortable knowing what to say in between songs.



It is ideal for you if you would like


*To feel more confident singing & performing infront of an audience.


*To know how to engage your audience


*To feel relaxed to the point where you're not worried about making mistakes and more focused on giving the audience a great experience.


Here's what's included in this programme


This programme consists of 12 1:1 sessions that will be tailored to your needs. We will have a free assessment where we talk about what your stumbling blocks are and put a plan together of how we will deal with this.


Special bonus


    * Lifetime access to my facebook group where you can share experiences    

      with people going through similar situations as you.


    * I will also be sharing content from blogs & websites that can be helpful      

      for your journey.


    * You will also have exclusive access to audio interviews with

       experienced performers giving advice and tips.



What my clients say about working with me:


I had performance lessons with Michael through skype as I was not living in the Bedford area at the time. I was impressed with how well it worked and the quality of the lessons. Michael is a talented individual with tremendous drive and tenacity. He is a lovely guy who oozes flair and likability.

                                                  Jen-Marie Penberthy



I've had the privilege of performance lessons with Michael green, and it was very inspiring. As a singer, one of my main areas of development I've been working on improving is performance skills. I've struggled for years, and have to say, after one lesson, I felt so much more relaxed about it. He asked questions which made me think about how I perform and why I do so in a certain way. This got me thinking about it without someone just telling me! It was an eye opening experience and I would defiantly recommend him. It's great to receive input from such an accomplished performer/singer/songwriter.

                                                              Kayleigh Sanders



Schedule A call to discuss us working together


 Book your free assessment session to discuss working with me.

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Photo of Michael Green playing guitar & singing