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I had performance lessons with Michael through skype as I was not living in the Bedford area at the time. I was impressed with how well it worked and the quality of the lessons. Michael is a talented individual with tremendous drive and tenacity. He is a lovely guy who oozes flair and likability.


I have had the pleasure of knowing him for the past 4 years and have benefited from what he shares. He has a natural ability and desire to pass on knowledge he has acquired in a cohesive manageable way. I would describe him as a mover and a shaker


                                                                                                         Jen-Marie Penberthy


I've had the privilege of performance lessons with Michael green, and it was very inspiring. As a singer, one of my main areas of development I've been working on improving is performance skills. I've struggled for years, and have to say, after one lesson, I felt so much more relaxed about it. He asked questions which made me think about how I perform and why I do so in a certain way. This got me thinking about it without someone just telling me! It was an eye opening experience and I would defiantly recommend him. It's great to receive input from such an accomplished performer/singer/songwriter.


                                                                                                          Kayleigh Sanders


Photo of Michael Green playing piano

I've worked with Michael for 6 years & he's fantastic as a performer, producer and songwriter. He brings enthusiasm and life to any ideas and if you're an up & coming artist he's the perfect person to work with.

He's great to work with if you're already a songwriter or if you're starting out & learning.


                                                                                                            Mat Roberts

                                                                                                            Owner of Effort Studio

                                                                                                            Singer/Songwriter & Producer

Living in Canada I thought it was great & convenient that I could have a 1 to 1 lesson online. Michael answered all the questions I had about coming up with melodies with clarity and great description. He had great tips and advice on how to create the perfect song! I recommend talking with him if you're looking to improve any skill related to songwriting. Just one session and I already feel like I could write the next big hit!


                                                          Enelyse Messersi


I have had a songwriting lesson with Michael who gave me great advice about putting chords to a melody. This will be invaluable for writing and structuring songs. His approach is on enhancing your songs and being creative, rather than laying down rules. Michael had a friendly and approachable manner that made it easy to share idea's and ask advice.


                                                                                                                                    James Cooper


I had the pleasure of working with Michael on several tracks which we co wrote and recorded together. He is highly talented and very professional. He is a great person to work with and learn from.


                                                                                                          Deanna Glyn    



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