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How rehearsing can help with nerves & stage fright

Updated: May 17, 2022

You're there just about to go on stage and you're feeling under prepared. You're worrying if you will forget the lyrics and what to say in between songs. It was a last minute gig and you haven't practiced much recently. Well the thing is if you're a singer or musician that wants to and enjoys playing live there's always a chance that a last minute gig may come your way. This is why it's always good to practice and rehearse your songs and your set so you're gig ready whenever the opportunity comes.

Now remember there is a difference between practicing and rehearsing. Practice is when you're learning songs and how you want to play them. Rehearsing is when you are playing out how you're going to be performing these songs in front of an audience. What you're going to say in between songs, what order the songs are going to be in etc. Some people may say they don't like to over rehearse because they're worried of losing the magic. Well I feel that if you know your set inside out then you will feel more comfortable and relaxed and it will give you room and space to try different things off the cuff. Here is a video of Michael Jackson rehearsing dance moves for smooth criminal. He would wear the exact clothes and rehearse every move for hours.

When you know your set inside out, what you're going to say in between songs and where to say it it can help eliminate doubt about things going wrong. Michael Jackson would rehearse his shows to the point where it became 2nd nature.


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