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Michael Green Interviews.... Adam Tobin (Update)

Originally posted on July 28th 2020 here is a Q&A with musician Adam Tobin. I last interviewed him back in July 2016 so this is an update on where he is now and what his thoughts are since his last interview.

What have you been up to since the last interview?

July 2016, it’s fair to say a fair things have happened/changes since then! You last interviewed me literally a few days before my old cover band ‘PVE’ played our last gig together at Bedford River Festival! These days I play in the house band for our Bandeoke, which takes place at The Standard in Bedford Town Centre every Thursday night, as well as being in the house band in general. What's the biggest thing you have learnt since then? To have more fun, and not just in a way of playing music & gigging, anyway you can in life! I think you could definitely tell the difference of how much fun I do have gigging/showing more how much fun, if you were to compare me to gigging 4 years ago. What's your views on the future of live music?

For now, the future of live music is hopefully in safe hands.. Presuming we aren’t trapped inside forever!

Especially in Bedford anyway, live music is kicking and I hope to be apart of the scene over here for a long time. How important do you think collaboration is?

Collaboration these days gives a lot of new exposure to artists. Whether it’s on a single, or live gig appearances. You are introducing yourself to new people as soon as you involve yourself with another artist. Apart from bass is there any other instruments you play? E.g ( Guitar, sing etc)

Bass guitar was the first instrument I learned to play, then taught myself how to play guitar a year or so after! It’s usually the other way round for a lot of others, learn guitar first, which makes an easier transition over to bass! I sometimes do some acoustic duo gigs with singers. Let’s get some booked in for us!

So has this helped with your understanding with playing in a band?

It’s definitely made me appreciate the other band members more for sure. In terms of technique, leading/fronting a band!

Finally what advice do you have for anyone who wants to play the bass and play in a band?

Whether you’re a singer/bassist/guitarist, when you haven’t played in front of anyone before, the thought of doing it for the first time is absolutely terrifying. I will always remember the first time I played in front of people, the first note in fact...

As soon as I hit one note, I’d never felt so comfortable ever. And now coming up to 10 years later, the best decision I ever made was to start playing.

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