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Michael Green Interviews... Ayelle Photography

Originally posted on 10th February 2016 here is my interview with Adam & Liz Green from Ayelle Photography. We talked about their experiences photographing live music events and other projects.

Ayelle is the creation of Adam and Liz A couple from Bedfordshire. They are more than just photographers, they are a couple and have love at the foundations of photography and there is nothing more they love doing than capturing beautiful moments, stories, faces and events. Their name comes from their own initials A and L – Rolled into a word Ayelle, pronounced A.L their goals are simple. To create beautiful images and give a great experience when doing this. When they achieve this they regard it as a success.

They are both fully qualified and have had quite different photographic experiences. This is part of the job they love. They specialise in Wedding, Portraiture, baby and event. They also offer their services to businesses and can also offer product photographs and so on. They have worked hard to create something that reflects their personalities and select the right products from across the globe that they like and think match their standard of quality. They take pride in customer satisfaction and accept work from all around the country but their closest areas include Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Northamptonshire and Cambridgeshire. Take a look at their website and keep up to date with their blog at

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