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Michael Green Interviews.... Joshland Shervette

Originally posted on November 9th 2020 here is a Q&A with singer-songwriter Joshland Shervette she talked about her experiences in music.

Where did it all start for you getting into music?

My mom played a recording of her singing to me when I was about 6 months old. I was making all of these strange baby noises, and she gathered that I was trying to sing along with her. That was so amazing to hear. She was able to see that I had musical talent as a baby. Can you believe that?! She continued nurturing me as a little singer as I got older. When I turned 4 years old, I was able to sing my first solo in church. It was because of her. Who are your influences? My early influences were Gospel music singers, like The Rance Allen Group who is my FAVORITE singing group of ALL TIME! Unfortunately, I found out yesterday, on October 31, 2020, that Bishop Rance Allen from The (Legendary) Rance Allen Group passed away. My heart is broken. What a tragic loss for not just the Gospel music industry, but to the music industry as a whole. My mom danced herself into oblivion while listening to The Rance Allen Group when she was carrying me inside her womb. So, I was listening to this group BEFORE I was even born. I was deeply influenced by The Rance Allen Group consisting of Rance Allen and his 2 brothers, Tom and Steve Allen. This was because of their anointed vocal arrangements; their amazing songs about everyday life; and their contemporary musicianship. Sure, it was Gospel music, but when my Mom and Dad purchased their new music at Tower Records, they would have to go to the R&B music section of the store to find this group’s music. That is how contemporary this group’s music was. And I LOVED IT!!! My other influences included Gospel greats like The Clark Sisters, The Winans, Danniebelle Hall, Andrae Crouch, The (entire) Hawkins Family, The Followers Of Christ, Shirley Caesar, Al Green, and so many others. Later in my life, I was influenced by all of the artists on the late, great Andre Harrell’s record label, Uptown Records. A few of these artists included Guy, Mary J. Blige, Jodeci, and Father MC. Lastly, legendary artists Marvin Gaye, Alicia Myers, and Con Funk Shun deeply impacted my musical journey as well.

With songwriting where do you tend to get your inspiration from e.g how do you start your songs & what's your process?

I receive my inspiration from my life experiences, especially from my previous relationships with men. I have had to deal with heartbreak and disappointments in those relationships. Additionally, I have written songs about friendships with female friends that have gone bad.

But I always make it clear in my music that I turn to God to help me in all of these instances. God always gives me strength and guidance to make it through all of the pain and heartache I have faced down through the years.

I start my writing processes in many different ways. For example, I wrote my entire EP entitled, Set Aside: The EP using the lyrics I wrote in my notebook, along with the God given melodies that appeared from nowhere but inside of my head.

As time went on, I was able to find the perfect music tracks to accompany each song that I wrote. The various types of music matched all 5 songs, exactly. It was a miracle.

As for my full length album entitled, I’m Just Sayin’, I wrote each song to the music tracks I had already picked out. I wrote and recorded each song as I went along in my home studio. So, there is more than one way for me to write my songs.

How important is it do you feel it is to listen to current music as well as music from the past?

OH! It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT for me to listen to ALL music from the past and present. For instance, listening to the music from the 1960s and 1970s still inspire me to be creative with my music. Back in those days, there was a lot of experimentation with different sounds. There were a lot of innovative musicians and singers who were given the chance to stretch their imaginations.

The record labels during those decades were very encouraging to their artists. Let’s say a record label released 5 albums by a singing group during the 70s, and their album sales were poor. Well, the label still believed in that group’s talent. They would keep on releasing creative material by that group until a hit song came into fruition.

I enjoy listening to the music from the present because there are so many great independent artists in existence today. Many artists, including myself are releasing music without being signed to a record label. This means that I get to see and hear a lot of talented artists, especially on social media these days.

Moreover, I am very pleased to see so many music distribution platforms for independent artists to reach the world with their music. There are some great artists in music today who are using modern technology and computer software to produce some phenomenal projects. This is a great time for music.

Do you feel it is important to watch other acts perform and to watch other live music?

Yes I do. I love watching artists perform live. There is something magical that happens when I am able to see and hear an artist live onstage, especially when they have a well thought out show prepared.

I also enjoy seeing what they are wearing. Music and Fashion are my life. So, wardrobe is a vital part of my music experience. Music and Fashion go together like a hand in glove. When I see a singing group wearing matching suits or dresses onstage, with their backing band wearing matching uniforms, it makes my heart flutter with joy. It is such a pleasure for me to see that.

Finally what tips do you have for anyone starting out when it comes to songwriting & performing?

It is important to trust in yourself as a songwriter. Do not be afraid to be YOU! Believe in yourself and believe in your own songs. YOU have to believe that YOUR songs can be on the Billboard charts. YOU have to know that YOU CAN DO IT! And when YOU know that YOU are able to write hit songs, YOU will see it come to pass.

I created my own music genre called “Spiritual Soul” music to showcase my own niche. I created this genre because I believed in my own music. I believed that I could help women overcome their issues by listening to my music. I am a songwriter because I BELIEVED IN ME, and I still do.

The same thing goes for performing onstage. It is wonderful to watch others in concert. But do not look down on yourself as a performer because you do not perform like other artists. Be yourself onstage. BE BRAVE! If you like to stand there and strum your guitar wearing a sombrero, then do that.

The point is to be secure and self-confident as an artist, songwriter, and performer. It is important to feel comfortable with being YOU. This will result in your musical success and a huge fanbase because YOU are being yourself.

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