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The Set List (How Much Do You Think About It?)

How important do you think it is when it comes to the song order when playing a gig? I was having this thought the other day. Now I know some live acts like to rock up to the gig and just play and go with the vibe. Some acts are very methodical and like to think of each step of the live performance. It may make a difference if you perform with a full band compared to playing solo because when playing solo you only have to think of yourself if you decide to change songs. When playing with a band it can be a little more difficult to play off the cuff.

During the gig I don't think it's such a bad thing to mix it up and change the order because I feel it's good to be able to judge the audience reaction and know if you need to change things to get their attention again.

Here are 2 videos talking about set lists for Green Day & Neil Young.

Behind the set list with Green Day

Behind the set list Neil Young

So how much thought do you put into your set list? Do you like to go with the flow or do you like to put your live shows together step by step?


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