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What to say in between songs?

One of the biggest problems I hear from performers is that they don't always know what to say or do in between songs. Should you say nothing and go straight into the next song. Should you give a full story about what the song is about. I think it can depend what kind of audience you are playing in front of.

Some crowds just want to hear you play their favourite songs with you just introducing the title. However some genres of music expect you to give stories and interact with the audience.

Here's a video about connecting with an audience and learning to speak in between songs

This is live music producer Tom Jackson, talking about transitions in between songs.

What I like about these videos is that they are saying that you don't just have to rehearse your songs. You should also rehearse what you're going to say in between the songs.

If you've ever seen an artist perform more than once you'll notice they say similar things at similar stages of their performances. These are well practiced moment so if they do it maybe you should to.


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