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Even the most famous singers get stage fright.

The most experienced performers get stage fright and suffer from nerves. Artists like Adele, have suffered from it since the age of 16. Watch the video below about it

Adele talks about near crippling stage fright

Stage fright is something all performers may suffer from at one point. Some have it worse than others.

In the video, Adele talks about one of the reasons she gets stage fright is because she feels like her performance won’t be good enough. This is a problem a lot of artists have to deal with. They worry that they may forget their words or fall over or something else may go wrong.

I would say the one thing about the audience is that they want you to do well. They are rooting for you to give them a great time. So even if something did go wrong if you deal with it in a confident and relaxed way the audience will stick with you. They will even feel more endeared towards you.

Stage fright isn't something that can be dealt with over night however as time goes by and the more you perform the better you can handle it.


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