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Mistakes on stage happen.. So what do you do about it?

One of the biggest fears for performers is forgetting their lyrics, falling or something going wrong on stage. It's a fear that develops into stage fright and overbearing nerves. However, what if I told you that these things happen to even the top artists. Your worst fears have happened to the biggest artists in the world on the biggest stages. It's happened at The Grammys, The Brit Awards, Glastonbury and more. The one thing that all these artists do is continue with their performance an even endear the crowd.

Below is a video of some artists making mistakes and things going wrong performing live. P.s watch Beyoncé deal with her hair getting caught in a fan.

After all these moments the artists carry on with the performance. Mistakes happen that's part and parcel of performing live. The key is moving on from it and continuing with the performance. Being comfortable with this fact will help you deal with stage fright and nerves.


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