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Custom Songs

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Michael Green is a singer-songwriter with over 20 years’ experience performing and creating music. A regular on the Bedfordshire music scene, he could be found performing in both public venues, in private house gatherings, special events, and online. Michael is offering to create custom songs for any occasion.


If you would like to send something special to a person you care about, Michael can create, perform and send meaningful songs to your loved ones as a unique gift. 


All you need to do is press the 'Request Project Details Form' button below. Send him an email asking for the form. Once you receive the form fill it out including all relevant details then click on the 'Order Custom Song' button. Once you have purchased your custom song this will complete the order. Once the project is complete, you receive the song in video format to send onto your recipient. You will also receive the audio file and the lyrics.

Michael will perform the song acoustically with either guitar or piano/keyboard accompaniment. It takes 3-7 days to deliver your custom song.


So what are you waiting for? Fill the form out below with all the relevant details to send the ultimate meaningful gift to your friends and family today!


If you would like more details feel free to get in contact here

Examples Of Michael's Work

Vertical Custom Video Example 
Horizontal Custom Video Example 

I commissioned a custom-made Michael Green song for my brother who I haven't seen for a year now due to coronavirus. The song was wonderful- it included my brother's name, what my children call him, some personal information which Michael cleverly entwined into a catchy and humorous tune which we are all singing to this day! I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Michael for bringing the family together with this little bit of fun- music certainly does bring people together (even if we can't be physically).


Catherine, Bedford

The booking form was very easy to use. Michael delivered the song well within the timeframe and it was exactly what we’d wanted. Perfect song for our little nephew. He and all the family have loved hearing it.

Jennie, Moggerhanger

Michael did a song for my daughter and it completely brightened her day.. she played it on repeat! Very novel idea and personal.

Kayleigh, Bedford


As a spur of the moment thought, I asked Michael to customise one of my fiance's favourite songs to congratulate her on some good news. Michael put the song together within a day or so and I was able to send her the link. She was really touched and appreciated the thought. Definitely a unique gift which made her face light up especially when the lyrics included her name.....

Matthew, Newcastle

Testimonials and Feedback

Package Price

Custom Song - Video MP4, Audio MP3, Lyric sheet (£35)


If you would like to order a custom song click on the 'Request Project Details Form' button below to contact me.

When you receive the form you will be able to fill out all the relevant details and purchase your custom song.




Pre-Written Song Package

Pre-Written Custom Song - Video MP4, Audio MP3, Lyric sheet (£20)

I have a pre-written song package where you can personalise a birthday or anniversary song




Pre-Written Song & Virtual Concert Package

Pre-Written Custom Song & Virtual Concert -

Video MP4, Audio MP3, Lyric sheet. 6 song Virtual Concert (£35)

Why not make your birthday or anniversary gift more special by adding a 6 song virtual concert using Zoom. Click the button below to find out more about my virtual concerts. If this package fits your needs then click here to contact me & book. I look forward to hearing from you.

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